Awesome Resource: The GDC Vault


After hearing about the Game Developers Conference from the podcasts, Shut Up and Sit Down and Ludology (due to the inclusion of board game design for the first year). I was amazed at the amount and quality of free talks available online in the “GDC Vault”.

An easy start for me were presentations by Rob Daviau on the development of Legacy board games.

A panel on the state of the board game industry with Eric Lang, Paul Dean, Rob Daviau and Geoff Engelstein was also fantastic.

But I have since started making my way through other videos, including the story behind the wonderfully weird Dreamcast title Seaman by Yoot Saito.

Hope you enjoy as well!


    1. He was! In the presentation he talks about the core concept of managing the elevators and Youtube video of it. He also did that high quality fish bowl program for Mac.


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