My Solo Gloomhaven Storage Solution


Just a quick post to end the week.

Thought I’d quickly show my Gloomhaven storage solution. If you’re not familiar with it’s size, Gloomhaven is by the far the biggest game I have ever seen and clocks in at 21lbs! (Ironically, it sits atop my second largest game Mechs vs Minions).

As I cannot leave Gloomhaven setup overnight (see previous post), coming up with a plan for storing it was imperative. Using some Reddit posts and BGG posts for inspiration here’s what I came up with.

All of the character decks, items, and pads are in zip lock bags atop of the rule books. This makes for a somewhat dangerous maneuver lifting it off the shelf above my head.

Precarious balance of components. 


Beneath the rules and loose items, I am using 2 smaller Plano 23705-00 Half-Size Stowaway for enemy standees (and I still needed to combine some of the more elite looking unites together) and one larger Plano Deep Hydro Flo Box 3700 Deep Size for everything else, including the two active characters I am playing


Finally, inside looks a lot less organized with all the tiles sitting on top of the regular insert and component boxes.


Anyway, hope you found this interesting or helps you make Gloomhaven more accessible.

Feel free to share your homemade organization pictures or tips for Gloomhaven or any other monster games.

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