Links for Libraries: Circulating Board Game Collections

Interested in starting a new board collection at your library or improving your existing collection? Here are several links to help you on your way!

Information on the Massive Growth of the Tabletop Hobby:

Gaming site Shut Up and Sit Down’s presentation: Board Gaming’s Golden Age
The Guardian: Board games’ golden age: sociable, brilliant and driven by the internet and The rise and rise of tabletop gaming
CNBC: Millenials are driving the board games revival
Vice: It’s Official, Everyone: Board Games Are Cool Now

Popular Websites on Board Games in General:

Board Game Geek,
This is the most comprehensive database and community forum for board games.

This friendly subreddit is great for connecting with other gamers, finding out about upcoming titles, Kickstarters, and much more.

Shut Up and Sit Down,
An extremely popular board game review site.


Sites That Regularly Cover Board Games in Libraries:

Stuffy Library,
The site you’re reading right now! This site covers library, board game, and board game design topics. 

Board in the Library,
A fantastic site from John Pappas, who’s created a ton of information for starting a library board game collection.


Advice and Best Practices From Other Libraries:

Small Boxes Big Fun: Starting a Board Game Collection

Programming Librarian: Program Guide: Circulating Board Game Collection

Cosplay, Comics, and Geek Culture in Libraries: Bring Board Games To Your Library: To Circulate or Not To Circulate , and What Board Games are Circulating at My Library

Teenbrarian: Board Games!

ILA Reporter: Is Your Library a “LOT?”

Audio Recorders to Zucchini Seeds by Mark Robison and Lindley Shedd 

Learn How to Play Games Here:

Watch It Played,
This YouTube series walks through the rules for tons of games in a profession concise format.

Many people’s first introduction to modern gaming, this show is great at showing the feel for many gateway games.


Some Libraries that Circulate Board Games :

(Let me know if a library that circulates board games is missing.)

Anderson Public Library
Auglaize County Libraries
Delaware Public Library:
Elmhurst Public Library
Hartford County
Licking County
Urbana Free Library, IL


Do you have a great link to add? Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments! Also please subscribe if you would like to receive my quarterly newsletter filled with articles, news about upcoming designs, and much more!








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