5 Days and 5 Ways to Connect to Your Community Online

It’s easy to think it takes a lot of energy to maintain an online presence in a community, but by simply taking a few small actions each week, you can start to connect with the people that share your passion. By engaging, you are supporting creators, staying relevant, and building goodwill. Here’s five ways, for five days to start connecting online.

Monday- ReTweet/Tweet@/or Share – It’s Monday, you’re tired, we’re all tired, so let’s start with something easy…. retweet something you like. Feel free to use the Facebook or Instagram equivalents if you find Twitter too obnoxious.

Tuesday-Post Something You’ve Created- Tuesday seems like a good day to post something you’ve created. This gives you some time to write/record/edit over the weekend (note that this was posted on a Friday), and allows whatever you’ve to be shared during the work week.

Wednesday- Write an iTunes Review – As of right now I have never reviewed a Podcast on iTunes, despite the earnest pleas from so many of my favorite podcasters. If you weren’t aware, positive reviews help podcasts show more prominently on the Podcast App. Let’s make a commitment to start reviewing together!

Thursday-Answer a Stranger’s Question – Search around Facebook, Reddit, or BGG (for board games), and hop on a recent post to answer someone’s question. The key is to find something recently posted, as commenting on a post with 200 other comments is not super helpful — unless you have something Earth shattering to add.

Friday- Support a Creator with $1 – That’s only four dollars per month! You can do that right? (If you can’t, no problem, just think about it when you can). Check the podcasts or Youtube channels you subscribe to and see if any have Patreon pages or crowdfunding campaigns and pledge. Start financially supporting the content you consume!

Do you have any other small things you do to engage with a community? Let me know in the comments, and please subscribe if you would like to find out about upcoming

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